How to Reduce Your Online Store’s Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

ecommerce cart abandonement

Statistics show that online businesses’ average cart abandonment rate is around 69%. This number is very alarming, and it shows that even if your products are of extreme quality, consumers need something more to proceed to the checkout page and complete the purchase.

You can always take matters into your own hands and employ the right tactics to decrease your online store’s cart abandonment rate. The best way to do this is to provide an immaculate on-site experience. Providing clients with everything they need to make a purchasing decision on their own is the best way to set up your online store, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t guide them toward a desired action.

Nowadays, the use of pop-ups has become increasingly prevalent as businesses rely on them to help visitors navigate their websites, reduce cart abandonment, and offer more value throughout the entire customer journey.

Below, we will share the most effective practices you need to employ in your strategy to ensure that your shopping carts are never abandoned.

Provide a Seamless On-Site Experience

There are a lot of things that can go wrong as soon as prospects visit your online store. For instance, your site might take too long to load, or the prospective client needs to register to be able to complete the purchase.

This might negatively impact your user’s on-site experience and lead them to abandon their carts. But, since they filled their cart, it means that your products generated enough desire, but it is your on-site features that fall short. This is not entirely a bad thing. You can optimize your site to perfection, especially if you are on Shopify.

Shopify’s App Store is packed with apps that help you deliver a better experience for your online store’s prospects and help you manage every aspect of your business operations.

Once your site is optimized, the quality of your products will bring prospects to your store, and your newly added on-site features will ensure that your carts are never abandoned.

Be Transparent About the Costs

It’s of utmost importance that you build trust with prospects as soon as they engage with your brand. Having hidden fees appear out of the blue at the checkout makes building a long-lasting relationship with prospects impossible.

For this reason, always provide the exact price of the product and be transparent about your shipping fees as well. And, to further embellish their entire customer experience, when they apply a discount code to preview the total cost, display how much they have saved by shopping at your store. This will incentivize them to lock in the purchase, and you will have one more happy customer.

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Offer Free Shipping and Special Deals

Speaking of shipping fees, more than 60% of Americans expect to receive their items without paying for shipment. If you can afford to do so, you will ensure that customers face no obstacles in their customer journey and that they are more likely to lock in the purchase.

And, if you want to add a fun aspect to their purchasing experience, you can offer special deals whenever you want to mark a particular day, occasion, or birthday of your company.

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Have a Live Chat Service

Sometimes, your clients might face difficulties finding something they are looking for on your site, so it’s important to have a live chat support service. All of your client’s questions will be promptly answered, and any issues they might have had with your products and services will be resolved quickly.

Outside of business hours, you can have a chatbot take over the support duties; however, make sure to add an option so that a real person will take over the support request whenever available.

Leverage Social Proof

Customer reviews will help you back your claims of excellence with facts and show prospects that other individuals who have purchased your products are satisfied with the experience your offer.

When prospects see that your products and services are positively reviewed, they will be more likely to buy from you and become loyal customers.

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Final Thoughts

It’s never easy to provide an immaculate customer experience, but with the tips we have outlined above, you can rest assured that you will see positive results in no time. That being said, always have your customer at the forefront and make sure to be completely transparent with them. Provide them with social proof and allow them to make decisions on your site their way.

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