Start Earning From Your Youtube Videos

In today’s digital marketing, videos and graphics are the most liked content among users. If you have good quality content to share, then you can easily catch the eye of viewers online which enables you to market yourself or your brand very easily. Now, you can earn online either by providing service or product, or you can easily earn by creating videos and monetizing them on your Youtube Channel.

How to earn from Youtube Videos?

Before going to know the answer to this question, you need to know about “what type of videos can earn money for you?” So, let’s know the key points while creating videos for your Youtube channel:

  • Audio/Video Content: It is much better if you have created audio & visuals on your own instead of copying them from somewhere else. But, if you have used any copied content in your video, then do make sure that it is “royalty-free”, otherwise Youtube won’t let you monetize your video or all the earning from that video will go to the person who owns the copyright of the content used in that particular video.
  • Quality of Content: Over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so you need to make sure that your content must be unique, creative and something which no one has seen before, then only you will get enough views on that video to make it profitable.
  • Video Quality: In today’s world, where even wall paint comes in HD quality, so make sure that your videos are at least of Semi-HD (720p) quality and good audio quality for a better viewing experience. If you can’t get an HD recorder, then make sure that the video you shoot from other recording devices should have at least good quality picture.
  • Length:  Sometimes, you have a lot to show in the video which makes it lengthy, it would be better if you keep the length of the video short (42 seconds to 9 minutes). If you can’t squeeze it in that time, then work more on the quality of content you are providing in that video.

Now, the question that arises is – “How much would you earn from videos?

You earn from videos on the basis of the number of views you get on them. Monetization of videos is based on the principle of CPM. Most publishers earn between $0.30 and $2.50 per 1,000 views. If you already have videos uploaded to your Youtube channel, then you can use the YTcalc tool to know the potential earning. Another factor that helps to increase views on your videos is – title, description & tags. Relevant title, catchy description & related tags will make your video pop up more frequently in search results if the viewer has entered any related keyword.

So, start creating good videos, upload them on your Youtube Channel, spread them on every platform, and start earning.

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