How to Hire for a Startup or Small Business?

How To Hire for a Startup or Small Business

Are you a startup founder/co-founder struggling to build a team?

The success of any company depends on its employees, especially for Startups. But how to hire for a startup is still the biggest question on the cards and can be tough too, as it is not easy to find the right people. When the company starts to grow and exceeds, the mystery of how to hire for a small business remains unsolved.

 Have you have tried posting your ad all across social media, but you were unable to find the right fit?

 The skill set required for this position is not the conventional one. The usual portals which can be pretty steep on your pocket are not successful, and they also require payment upfront!

 You have tried manpower consulting firms but more often than not, it is a wastage of your time.

 You have used a network exclusively and have exhausted it with no tangible results.

If you have gone through any of these, we can understand your pain as a startup recruitment is the biggest challenge for any small business and the cost of a bad candidate is very much proportional to the bottom line, unlike larger companies where these impacts are assessed and hedged against.

 startup hiring

What is the startup hiring challenges that most entrepreneurs face?

Let us try to understand why this happens to you.

Budget constraints – Let’s face it, most successful businesses have one thing in common, they were frugal when they began. Hence, you cannot go all guns blazing in terms of your branding to attract talent.

Upfront payment model does not suit you – LinkedInNaukri and others have a business model where they charge you for advertising your job. If you get a candidate that’s good, but if not, your money is still gone. On top of that, these platforms are for the experienced lot, so you might not find many freshers here.

Limited talent pool – Using social media is the best you can do. You are not big enough that you can conduct placement drives in colleges, plus that is not an activity you should be too involved in.

Limited Time – The more time it takes you to recruit someone, the less money you make, and the more time that is spent on this activity, the more your company loses. The co-founders should put more effort into the business aspect of things rather than waste their precious time.

Third party recruitment model is broken – The managers and owners of these companies are unable to understand the modern skill set requirements. The world has moved to serverless technologies and these firms are still hiring for .NET 3.5.

 Startup Hiring: How to find the right people for your company?


  So, what can be done to find the right people for your company in this situation?

myq application Here we will share our little secret, even we went through the same pains over and over again. We finally broke through this with our MyQ application. With more than 10,000 students, 200+ colleges, 20+ groups, 1500+ unique questions, live challenges, and virtual recruitment activities, we have been able to build a strong community of engineering students. On top of that, we provide value to students via our unique content and training. With this, we have been able to recruit very successfully in the past 2 years and now we would like others to start using MyQ.

What are the charges associated with it?

The first candidate is free, yes you got that right (for a limited time only).

How do we get started?

Get in touch with us here. Provide your company profile with requirements and we will help you find the perfect candidate.


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