The Art of Minimalist Marketing

There is an alternate way to deal with Marketing that is picking up footing — Minimalist Marketing. Today people like minimal content, that is the reason why everybody is adopting the KISS Rule (i.e. Keep It Short & Simple).  Moderate showcasing isn’t another system to toss in with the general mish-mash. Rather, it is an endeavor to wipe out superfluous showcasing practices and concentrate on just what is required.

Minimalist Marketing Focuses on a Sequential Step Marketing Strategy

Minimalist Marketing focuses on streamlined strategy than a complex labyrinth of “What’s Hot” tactics, Minimalist marketing is sequential unlike General Marketing that can follow any pattern and can turn into anything and Minimalist marketing focuses specifically on a sequence of steps that.

Minimalist Marketing focuses on the Most Important Tasks

If you have a clear picture on what you want to project through your marketing and you have an understanding of the Target Audience, Minimalism works wonders for you by arranging these Marketing tasks in a sequence to make something eye-pleasing and something that stays with the viewer.

No more meaningless reports  

Marketers spend a lot of time generating reports that showcase a certain trend in order to support their Marketing tactic, this report might find viewership on a Business presentation but fails terribly on an Ad. Minimalist Marketing does exactly the opposite, it has a skillful technique to showcase trends without the inclusion of graphs and charts.

This is how companies aced Minimalist Marketing

From our Favorite Durex.


KitKat came up with a very creative campaign that propagated the idea of “Take a break”.


Mcdonald also worked the same way by using their product to introduce something new.






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