The Danger Words of any Business Presentation

There are many words we are tempted to use in our presentation that we often think can add credibility, But in most cases they simply trite and overused. If you use one of these make sure you can back these up with facts.

In Business presentation more than the words it is the gestures and animated hand gestures that create a sense of bond with the listener.

There is nothing more the Client dislikes than usage of these credibility desperate words and not fulfilling them with actions. We call these words as danger words.

Here is the list of words you should avoid

  • Best
  • Largest
  • Highest Quality
  • Fastest
  • Quickest

Any adjective that ends in “est” is a danger word.

Instead of overuse of these we suggest the following techniques to instantly capture your client

  • Be eager and energetic to share your idea
  • Be animated with your voice and gestures
  • Speak directly to your listeners
  • Be concise and get to the point
  • Remember the power of numbers/evidences
  • Summarize frequently

All of the above stated points establish that you mean honest business and builds a sense a trust between the parties.

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