The Truth About B2B Lead Gen: What Works

The Truth About B2B Lead Generation - What Works

A lead defines a potential client. A client becomes a lead as soon as he shows interest in a product or service and shares with you his contact information to be aware of future communications.

You may have noticed that there are many articles – more than usual anyway – about the trends and marketing methods coming in 2018, some of which may include B2B marketing and lead generation. Among the sea of predicted trends, we have found some suggestions that are worth mentioning.

Improve your B2B leads

How to improve your B2B leads?

#1 First of all define what a quality lead for your business is?
It is essential for you to know how to detect when a potential client is ready to buy your product or service. Having this base, you not only define your target audience, but you will also have the ability to detect which actors are involved in the purchase process. That is, you will find the stakeholders.

Stakeholders do not buy your articles, but it does influence and determine the process of buying others. In short, plan to orient your strategies towards them. Also, define the maturation process of the lead. Plant yourself and decide which ones are worth to work on them.

#2 Work side by side with the sales team
It is essential that the communication between the marketing department and the sales department be continuous. Moreover, all the information passes from one side to the other without stopping.

Mainly because, if the sales department determines that the leads not be of sufficient quality, perhaps the strategies should point in another direction. For example, the leads that just need information, not buy.

Should you be interested in addressing these leads? You need to understand the importance of generating this continuous and bidirectional communication. Only then will you have enough information to improve your B2B leads.

From here you can turn your campaigns, segment your audience, choose other communication channels, modify your landing pages and more.

#3 Pass your contacts through a filter

To filter your contacts appropriately, there is nothing better than creating contact forms. Include different fields and make some of them mandatory to filter out leads that are of poor quality and, do not interest you.

In this way, in addition to detecting those that do not interest you, you can extract more information about those that are of quality.

#4 Segment the audience
By now, you know what your target audience is and what are the quality leads that interest you. Also, you also need to detect those leads that are at the level of your company. For example, many B2B businesses have expensive products or services and, nevertheless, their target audience is usually composed of medium-sized companies with particular niches.

Carrying out such a specific segmentation is very complicated with some channels. For example, with PPC campaigns in search engines.
#5 Maximize your online presence
The data from the Accenture study on B2B Marketing indicate that 98% of B2B companies carry out online searches to choose their supplier of products and services.

It is more than evident that creating a digital profile that represents your company is vital. However, through what channels can I get that cover letter?

#6 Work on content marketing
Inbound Marketing is one of the most influential trends that are hitting in the world of digital marketing at this time. Moreover, among the Inbound Marketing tactics that can help you improve your B2B leads, the following requirements are presented:
• The content must be of quality.
• Different marketing techniques must be combined to attract traffic to the site.
• Marketing automation Attract and educate the visitor through automated messages and interactions.
• Loyalty Keep customers satisfied, offer them useful information and take care that they continue to bet on your products.

#7 Webinars
Webinars are also an exciting way to improve your B2B leads and know which ones are significant. Alternatively, detect those who are interested in specific issues.

#8 Social networks
Social networks are a more than convincing channel to improve your B2B leads. Especially because they are perfect to help you detect at which stage of the buying process are consumers. Moreover, well, you can also know if they have an interest in your products. Although the most important thing is the feedback, you can get out of here.

In case, you are not quite sure about the strategies that make rewards on social media, look for a professional public relations, digital marketing, and social media management service like Domus to gain results.

Currently, LinkedIn is the most powerful social network to generate and improve your B2B leads. Moreover, it allows you to deepen to the point where you can learn more professional details of future clients.

Remember that B2B marketing comes from the following idea: companies are more rational when it comes to buying their products. Therefore, the way you communicate and the means you choose is significant. The best way to know “What Works?” it is always better to first try and then decide.

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