The Unconventional Trick that will Make You The Most Followed Blogger in the Market

With the ever increasing base of the blogger community, it is understandable that the lone writer in you can lack motivation to start. But the good news is, that despite being practiced in such a huge scale good blogging/writing still comes very rarely to the ones who practice it.

This is not your generic “How to” on how to design the best click bate line and how to format your writing, this is about “knowing what to do with a piece a white paper and a pen”.

Stop being boring, no matter what you write about and how you do it, the key to any good blog is observation and the way you explain your reader about the context and trust me nothing helps better than comedy.

Now we know not everyone is a Stand-Up comedian, but this isn’t about making comedy sets, This is just about observation and exaggeration.

The scope of this blog is not only for entertainment based writers but also for technical and all sorts of writers.

So how to go about it?

Divide your week in a good day and a bad day, on a  bad day notice and write down everything that makes you smile, a bad day is named so on the amount of events it has in it. On a good day you’ll be lucky enough to be bombarded with events that will fill your observation diary (Yes get one!).

By the end of the week you have enough material to mention and quote in your blogs, all you need is a tutorial to exaggerate your observations.

Click on the link to know exactly how to use your observations.

Click here to watch

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