7 Simple Tips On How To Be A Better Programmer

Learn how to be a better programmer

Becoming A Better Programmer

Every programmer can write a piece of code in one language or another, they know how to make things work, they know how to turn ideas into working software, but not every programmer is satisfied with the work they do, or they tend to feel like clogging up.

These are some really simple ways you can follow to excel your skills and learn how to be a better programmer:

  1. Find people who inspire you, you must not idolize them

Every programmer must follow a community of great programmer, must get subscribed to various forums to follow your favourite programmer, but one must not think that everything that “idol” does is the only solution, you should get inspired by your idol, you must not think that there could not be better ways for a similar problem.

  1. Don’t devaluate your work

Every programmer must never ever think that the piece of code that they wrote is less than someone other’s, or that they are not worthy of being a great programmer. Even if the code they write doesn’t get published anywhere, it eventually will help in your self-development and will contribute to your betterment, You never know, when you wrote an algorithm that has never been thought of.

  1. Take on big projects, get uncomfortable

Every programmer must take up projects that are comparatively big so that they understand how the things are actually working, taking up big projects will bring you out of comfort zone. It will enable you to get a good grasp on handling big projects with multiple files.

  1. Dig into past research

Every programmer must perform a research before creating or writing a code for any solution because there is a huge possibility that someone might already have solved the same solution, so instead of writing your custom solution, you should look for the ways to optimize the existing solution rather than writing a new solution.

  1. the code works” isn’t where you stop, it’s where you start

Beginner programmer tends to get very happy at the very starting moment, at which their code start working, but this is probably the point where the real programming starts and they should actually work on optimizing the code.

  1. Read code, read lots of code

Reading lots of code will expose you to the different type of methodologies and programming styles that are popular in the market. The way code can be modularised, and it is organized or even using a lesser known hidden feature of any specific language makes the code look more beautiful.

  1. Learn techniques, not tools

The techniques are your real arms when you’re programming since, those will be applicable in every language, and in every situation. Tools must only be used as an extension to your techniques, but a good programmer relies on techniques.

If you really want to improve and excel as a programmer, go for an advanced course to upskill in programming if you feel the need for it.

Share with us the tips you follow to become a better programmer in the comments below!

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