Top 10 Fashion Vloggers

Top 10s of 2016

Here is a quick look at the top fashion vloggers of the year 2016

We live in a world where the web is filled with a ton of information. How do you know which “expert” offers the right advice? One expert may tell you wearing floral print is the trend, while the other may tell you strips take the gold prize.

We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 YouTube beauties and fashionistas that have been dependable in providing an abundance of knowledge and have been followed religiously in 2016.

1) Makeup artist and beauty and lifestyle video blogger who publishes videos to her popular YouTube channel ohhaiclaire. She is also a beauty, fashion, music, and travel blogger.


Makeup artist

Click here to see Claire Marshall

2) Amy Lee: is a 22-year-old Korean vlogger born and bred in Los Angeles. Vagabond Youth is a modern upbeat fashion, beauty, & lifestyle channel aimed towards inspiring young people creatively.

Amy Lee

Amy Lee


Click here to see Amy Vagabond

3) Jair Woo: Jair is a leading Men’s vlogger and covers everything from personal style, Fashion, DIY and much more.

Jair Woo

Jair Woo

Click here to watch Jair Woo

4) Drew Scott: Since the age of 13, Drew Scott has been making online videos about scrapbooking. Now, at 17, his YouTube channel has reached about 9,000 subscribers and 1.5 million views.

Drew Scott

Drew Scott

Click here to see Drew Scott

5) Zoella: The 26-year-old has built a following of over 11 million users since she started her YouTube channel in 2009.



Click here to see Zoella

6) Farrah Dhukai: If you love natural skincare as much as we do, you are totally obsessed with the queen of DIY’s, Farah Dhukai.



Click here to see Farah Dhukai

7) Ankita Shrivastava: Ankita is an India based Fashion vlogger who goes with the name Corallista, she is known for her beauty blogs along with fashion tips on YouTube.



Click here to see Ankita Shrivastava

8) Kaushal Beauty: Kaushal started out with only fancy lipstick tutorials and now has over a million followers that follow her makeup and beauty tips.



Click here to see Kaushal Beauty

9) Dulce Candy: Dulce Teaches DIY Makeup on Her YouTube Channel Where She Has Amassed Over 2 Million Followers.


Dulce Candy

Click here to see Dulce Candy

10) She is from Mumbai, India. She began making videos with her boyfriend Vaibhav Talwar on their collaborative channel Coupling. She is a Fashion and beauty content creator on YouTube who publishes makeup and hair tutorials, DIYs, and more. She is also a model who has worked with many brands.



Click here to see Scherezade Shroff

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