Visual Studio finally makes its red carpet MAC Entry

Recently we came across the much awaiting news that Visual Studio was just launched for public. Took a long time coming.


Just to get started we created a sample project and sure it worked fine and fast.


Rich options are given while creating a project, right from android, iOS to Mac based applications (though you are given a 60 day xamarin trial)


We tried porting our applications to this but unfortunately our database MSSQL (Microsoft, are you hearing us!) forced us to stop.

Also the third party API’s that we use need to configured.

This is for sure a huge market for Microsoft, but as we have seen with most of their products of late, quality products are being developed.

This is a thumbs up from our end but its a long long way to go and we would be testing the platform aggressively in the coming weeks/months.

Visual Studio for Mac conveys the Developer productivity you want for the Mac. The experience has been carefully created to advance the designer work process for the Mac

Manage your code in Git repos, facilitated by any provider, including GitHub and Visual Studio Team Services. Share projects consistently with developers utilizing Visual Studio crosswise over Windows and Mac.

With Xamarin’s advanced Debugging, profiling tools, unit tests, and UI test era Features, it’s quicker and less demanding than any time in recent memory for you to assemble, interface, and tune local versatile applications for Android, iOS, and macOS.

With Xamarin’s advanced troubleshooting, profiling instruments, unit tests, and UI test era elements, it’s speedier and less demanding than at any other time for you to construct, interface, and tune local versatile applications for Android, iOS, and macOS.

With support for ASP.NET Core in Visual Studio for Mac, you are engaged to make wonderful, present day web applications. Make the front-end with a similar web editorial manager encounter you know and love from Visual Studio and Windows and distribute to the cloud straightforwardly from the IDE.

Visual Studio for Mac empowers the formation of .NET Core arrangements, giving the back-end administrations to your customer arrangements. Code, troubleshoot, and test these cloud benefits all the while with your customer answers for expanded profitability.

Utilizing Unity and Visual Studio for Mac, you can make games that keep running on any stage. Utilize the effective coding, refactoring, and investigating highlights in Visual Studio for Mac to improve your profitability.

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