What kind of a horrible Instagram update was that?

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If you have automatic updates turned on on your phone and are an avid Instagram users, chances are that you were subjected to the horrible app update Instagram “accidentally” pushed out to its users (as confirmed by Instagram Head Adam Mosseri).

The new Instagram update forced users to view their feed horizontally rather than the vertical scrolling that the users are used to. The idea was to focus on every post and its comments more than what the mindless vertical scrolling accomplishes. This would also allow ads to be given more prominence as compared to the original scrolling. Instagram has been experimenting with the horizontal scroll user experience since October 2018 but publishing the update on the app store got a lot of “interesting” feedback on social media.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitterverse:


All we can hope is that this “accidental” push is not going to be an intentional roll out in the future.

Did you see the update or did you miss it like DeFranco guy:

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