What Star Trek Project Manager Are you?

Much the same as the officers on the extension of the Starship Enterprise (unique arrangement, satisfy!), the identities we convey to overseeing Project can be very differing.

This is one of the calling’s advantages – there is no single right way or best practice to overseeing ventures. What’s more, this uniqueness additionally applies to development in the calling – whether it is intersection the gorge of business spaces, concentrating on showing signs of improvement at conveying a particular sort of venture or notwithstanding developing your abilities inside a PMBOK information territory, there are abundant open doors for self-awareness.

Here are only a couple of the characters I’ve keep running crosswise over in my fifteen year mission investigating the calling.

James Tiberius Kirk

Like Captain Kirk, these venture directors imitate the adage of Star Trek’s Federation by continually searching out new (venture) life and developments. They savor the obscure – once they have finished maybe a couple Project of a similar sort or multifaceted nature, it’s headed toward test themselves with something else. Holding Kirk PMs can be troublesome if your venture portfolio doesn’t have adequate profundity and broadness. They additionally are interminable hopeful people – like Kirk, they don’t have confidence in the impossible to win situation.

Montgomery Scott

Some venture administrators have Scotty’s excellent capacity to transform designing lemons into high performing lemonade. They savor the test of going up against beset ventures and turning them around. Once in a while does somebody enter this part without having increased adequate experience effectively conveying ventures from beginning to end however sooner or later they understood that their identity and disposition are most appropriate to investigating.


In the event that you get off on the science or strategies of venture administration and locate the delicate side of the calling doesn’t enthuse you, you may be a Vulcan. Such venture administrators once in a while (maybe once at regular intervals?) let their feelings show signs of improvement of them which can be a urgent ability when everybody around you is losing their cool. Notwithstanding, this evident absence of feeling and sympathy can make it troublesome for them to successfully utilize impact or influence to help their Project and putting up with strange conduct from their partners can bring about profound dissatisfaction for them.

Dr. Leonard McCoy

In the event that you seemed to be somewhat blunt however underneath that intense outside pulsates a sympathetic kind nature, you may be a specialist not a venture administrator. Bones fills in as a decent thwart for Spock with one grasping their mankind while alternate battles with it. Bones extend administrators will have a high EQ and are sure depending on that to help them settle on choices more regularly than with immaculate rationale.

Nyota Uhura

Uhura possesses extraordinary etymological aptitudes and we as a whole know extend administrators like her who know exactly what to state in a given circumstance. Such venture chiefs are extremely fit for overseeing partner desires and once in a while battle with dealing with the correspondence requests of complex activities.

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