What went Viral and Why?

Ever wondered why some videos get viral?

It is in fact every marketer’s dream. It’s the best way to connect meaningfully with an audience and build really engaged supporters. A video is a powerful medium for telling stories and a right platform like YouTube helps reaching the masses.

Studies show that social viewers are far more likely to buy a product and recommend it to others.

But how do videos get viral? Why do people share it? Let’s find out!

For anyone to knows how things go viral, it’s important to know what went viral. Here is the list of 5 most viewed videos till date.



What makes things go viral?

The basic elements of highly successful online videos are based on human interaction. There will never be any guarantee that anything can “go viral” but the following given factors will have a significant impact and can make videos catch fire.


Factors Making Videos Go Viral

  1. Emotion– Any video that reconnects people towards humanity. Romance, joy, nostalgia, ambition and all other kinds of emotions motivates people to connect at a deeper level.
  2. Surprise– A video that violates our expectations and makes a message stand out
  3. Intensity- The greater the intensity of feeling the content evokes , the more likely people are going to share it.
  4. Relevance– A message that is directly relevant to the target audience and it’s about their perspective. This makes audience connect at a very deep level which makes them share videos.
  5. Validation- Putting yourself in the shoes of audience and validating your videos with their opinions and beliefs
  6. Style- A message presented in a distinctive sensory style , making it easy for people to remember.

Reasons Behind Viral Success

There are 2 most powerful drivers of viral success :


Viral Success

Psychological  Response–  This response refers to how the content makes viewers feel.  Psychological response can be divided into 2 types of emotions :

Top positive emotions:


Positive Emotion

Top negative emotions:


Negative Emotion

Social Motivation- Social motivation defines that what makes your content shareable?  There are 10 identified motivations for social sharing.


Social Motivation

Creating viral videos isn’t easy . You shouldn’t expect that your videos  will suddenly be shared by millions of people overnight, but using the above factors will help you improve your content’s sharability and quality, improving your odds at viral success.

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