Why Ad-block is Blocking your ‘Non-Ad’ Content


Adblock is an incredible tool to block the ad content on your browsers, for the users of course. If you have the ads running, you can spot the ad block and can force the visitors of your website to switch it off. But what if you have no ads and your content is still being blocked even though it has absolutely no ads in it.

We had a similar experience when we were building a Healthcare website. The website is used by practitioners, to send treatments to their clients which they can open up in their app. But, there was a trouble in the paradise, our content was invisible on some of the machines and worked perfectly fine on the others. An idea of ad-block did cross our minds but that shouldn’t have been the case since we had a ad-free platform, right? On installing ‘Ad-block Plus’ extension on my laptop and inspecting the website through the DOM inspector, I found out that the website was blocking certain content on our website.

This was basically happening because there are certain keywords from your HTML code that the Ad-Block scans and treats the entire section as an ad. In our case, we were adding treatments from the practitioner and the name of the div section was “add-treatment”.

Here are the list of keywords we found gets blocked by adblock

  • ad
  • ads
  • adv
  • advert
  • advertisement
  • banner
  • banners

Going back to our code and changing the name of these tags everywhere was a bit of the task and a lesson that we should be more careful with the keywords at the time of HTML development.





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