Why People Like Minimal

Why the Target Audience is more gravitated towards Minimalism way of Marketing.

Millennials and Gen Y purchasers appear to be most attracted to the thought and style of Minimalism. These eras have encountered a monetary subsidence, decreased occupation showcase and an expansion in Student Loans — elements that have molded how they see the Market. This era knows about how all of a sudden there can be a flux in their financial status, so they float towards more straightforward and Minimalist practices.

Market research shows that there has been a lengthy displacement in the consumer behaviors especially in the Age group of 18-27, This generation seems to have adopted a “Less is More attitude” that keeps the Market exclusive of Flashy Brand Jargons, It propagates transparency and  establishes a direct communication with the Consumer.

Minimalism is the Artist’s way of Marketing

Art is essentially absence of the unessential

The concept of Minimalism is well enveloped through the above stated line. Minimalism is absence of every detail that might dilute the propagation of the root detail – The backbone of every brand. (Click here to dive into a detailed study of the rules that govern the formation of a Minimalist campaign).

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