Why Personal Branding is Important?

If you search for a name on the internet, thousands of results come up. But how to stand out from the crowd of thousands? The answer is PERSONAL BRANDING.

With the ease of Internet access, 400.3 million people in India are now using social media. Around 71 million people in India use LinkedIn and want to create their online presence.

Your personal brand will allow you to regulate your reputation on the web, and the stronger your presence is, the larger will be your network. This, in turn, means more opportunities for you.

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding essentially means positioning yourself on the internet in such a way that people remember you. It includes marketing people and their careers as brands so that whenever someone Googles them, it not only creates a good impact but also gives them ample information about you and opens doors of new opportunities for you as well.

We won’t get into the fact that going digital helps you in various ways but you get the point.

Before starting a personal brand just analyze where do you currently stand? When you put in the time to develop your personal brand it can really benefit you throughout your career.

“You Are Your Own Brand”

This statement has a deep meaning, most of it means creating an online reputation so that if anyone searches you up they get a brief idea about you, your work, and your interests which build their trust in you.

Personal branding is similar to Corporate branding in many ways, which means corporate branding is what a company stands for and personal branding is what an individual stands for and it shows what a person brings to the table.

Some ways to start building your personal brand are:

1. Figure out who you are

Many people struggle while answering this question but in order to build your personal brand, you need to know your strengths, weaknesses, and your niche.

You must find a specific topic or niche you want to work on because there are a lot of things you can be good at but that doesn’t mean you are an expert in that field.

If you find a particular topic, you will be able to focus on it more rather than dividing your focus into several different things.

2. Create your elevator pitch

Elevator pitch is a 30-60 seconds short story that you tell someone in order to explain –

Who you are?

What do you do?

It should be short, simple, and crisp so that the listeners should get the point in lesser words. In short, you need to create a great impact in the listener’s mind so that they remember you.

3. Be yourself

The objective is to connect with people and more importantly they connect with you. If you want your audience to believe in something you sell, you have to believe in it wholeheartedly.

People often hide their personality traits to display strict professionalism when developing their personal brand.

4. Learn from the experts

One way to do it is to do and make mistakes and the other way is to learn from the mistakes from the others. It is very important to read more about it. Few people that can help you build your personal brand online are – Gary Vee, Neil Patel, etc.

Building a personal brand is a continuous process. It’s about expanding your network by being authentic. The better you build your personal brand, the more credibility you have in your industry.

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