Why should you join a Digital Marketing Course?

Digital Marketing is a term that’s increasingly entered the workforce’s vernacular. Recently, there’s evidence of clear-cut demand with a desperate shortage of experienced and talented professionals. A number of institutes have opened up to fill this gap, and some of them have displayed a decent aptitude for the domain with their digital marketing efforts.

As a digital marketing agency, we have noticed the huge shortfall between the demand and supply of talent in the market and have moved to address this by partnering with educational institute VIDM to launch the VIDM Institute of Digital Marketing.

So why would you want to join the institute? Here are some compelling reasons:

1) Rising Importance of Digital

Several reports have established the exponential growth in Digital Marketing Spend
(here’s one) by the Chief Marketing Officer Council). Mobile and Internet Penetration in India still has several years of growth left, and the demand for quality Digital Marketers is only going to increase.

Having this skill set in your arsenal might get you the dream job and the next big promotion!

2) A mandatory skill set for Entrepreneurs

Forget the importance of the inexpensive and data-rich art of Digital Marketing for sales and marketing of resource-starved startups. If you are a technology startup, you will be judged by both investors and consumers on the quality of your website, your search engine ranking, and other aspects of Digital Marketing. Period.

India is being touted as the next big hot bed of startups with record-breaking investments. Are you going to pass on that?


3) Exposure to Technology

Does Technology scare you? Check out the graphic below


See, technology can seem overwhelming at first. But with the right direction and without all the clutter, it can be incredibly empowering.

4) Re-invent yourself

Digital marketing is not just for the young. Coming back into the workforce after a hiatus could be a challenging and intimidating task. With a low-cost barrier to entry, digital marketing could be a great way to make a comeback.

5) Learning is always fun.

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