Why we like everything in a “Top 10 format”

There is a weird pattern that we have noticed in the web content consumption of the Indian audience and how suddenly every content generating house has aligned itself according to that interest.

One of the reasons behind ScoopWhoop’s success is the format in which it presents the data to its readers; we’ll call it the listing technique. In the recent years this technique has gained a lot of popularity amongst the Indian Web Content consumers.

This format is a tried and tested writing formula in the west for a long time now, with Big brands like the New Yorker and Huffington post practicing it for over a decade now.

We would like to walk you through why and how this listing format is gaining more and more readership.

Obviosuly it is a more organized way of feeding content, but there is more to It.

  • People like to retweet and share content that their followers will also read and enjoy. The share-ability of top-ten lists is just higher, because the content is more consumable.
  • Beyond the initial traffic bump of new content, top ten lists tend to drive higher long-tail traffic over time. The reasons they’re attractive today make them attractive to readers next week, next month, and so on.
  • They are faster to write and not only fast they can be broken into multiple post

Obviously the writer in you feels threatened because as expressionists there is no true justice to us thn writing long paragraphs of content.

In our next article we will talk about how to sustain your orthodox writing style and make it your strength.

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