Your online success depends on your offline activities – Personal Experience

Are you a social media manager/digital marketer/an individual who wants to build his/her image online?
Well, you must have heard of or doing a list of things to keep yourself abreast with latest updates in the virtual world like which platform to use, how to use it, what topics to talk about and what to post etc.
You have multiple apps and devices to assist you in doing all that and to assist you in curating content also, but there is still something missing in all these activities which are not visible to virtual eyes, but only to the real eyes i.e. your personal touch.

I have seen many users/professionals who sit online throughout the day to cope up with current trends and topics, what brands/followers/friends are posting about and instantly engaging with those posts to “stand out”. I myself have done this also but soon I realized that something was wrong in that approach.

My job as a Digital Marketer requires a lot of creativity, analytical skills, and knowledge about current trends in the online` market. Every day I meet a new challenge which is set by a client or any particular situation. Technological challenges can be solved by searching for answers online or asking someone who has knowledge about all that. But, what about the creative challenges? How will you ask Google about a particular creative strategy? Or how online communities will provide you with a creative campaign for a particular brand? Oh yes, you can certainly look for similar brands/professionals etc. and check out what they are doing and how they are doing but if you are going to follow that then how will you and your brand stand out? Yes, you should follow industry standards, but how will you increase the standards? Have you ever seen any content on your competitor’s page which reflects your own content strategy? The day you see it, means that you have stood out and compelling others in the same business to come up with something unique.

I am not suggesting you to stop doing what you are doing currently to promote yourself or your business or your client’s business. I am simply asking you to log out for a while, keep your smartphone away and try to indulge in various activities to boost your thoughts and your creativity. Those activities can be anything, like playing an instrument, reading, watching movies, or hobbies like photography, poetry, etc.
In fact, when you are sitting with your friends/family try to listen to their words as you listen to music; don’t interrupt them with your constant use of a smartphone. When travelling in a public conveyance, try to observe and understand the people around you. I am sure there are many things which you like to do personally which are not listed above, give time to those activities and don’t do them just because you need to post about it online. Do it because you like it and want to excel in it or just simply drive the pleasure out of it.

If you inculcate or pursue your hobbies “offline”, you will certainly see a difference when you are brainstorming with your team for a new creative campaign or while addressing any new marketing challenge.

Logging out 😉

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