Don’t become a Digital Marketing Expert in Three days – Rather You Cannot!

It’s not a low hanging fruit

We are sure you must have heard that Digital Marketing is the “Go-To course” if you don’t know what to do in your professional life. Let us put it this way, digital marketing has been billed as the course that can turn your professional life over-night. The on-set of Digital Marketing also saw an era of Fake ad promotions, where the Online Digital Marketing Institutes marketed themselves as the agents who can help you realize this overnight dream in  less than three days. Through this article we would want you to clear your mind of any such misconception. Digital Marketing is not a “Low Hanging Fruit”.

  • You need common sense

The common attribute every profession requires is common sense, ever wondered what is the Greek synonym for common sense? It is “ΚΟΙΝΗ ΛΟΓΙΚΗ” perceived as High order associative thinking, which means our mind functions on the foundation of a basic sense that develops everyday anything new that is fed to the mind only functions as a combination of specific and associative sense. Marketing is a profession which is deeply rooted into human psychology, which makes common sense an indispensable part of Marketing.

  • You need to work hard

Gone are the days when only a handful of professions and career paths were branded as “hard work” intensive. Digital Marketing is one of the most pace oriented professions, it is the “Basketball” of professions. Since Digital Marketing is based on Social Media, it is congruent with changing trends by seconds; if you’ve missed it you can probably cause your company a huge potential loss.

  • You need to understand marketing

Let’s address the elephant in the room, Digital Marketing is only a subset of Marketing, you “cannot” skip the basics of marketing Digital Marketing can be imagined as a physical playground where people gather everyday following a pattern, the only difference is that this playground exists “online”. This establishes that the very principles that apply in the offline marketing apply in the online space as well. If you can attract a crowd at a metro station towards buying a product, you can very well do it online.

  • You need to be realistic

We hate to take the shoes of a “myth buster” here, but I am sure you have been promised a handsome salary on the internet if you take up Digital Marketing, well we will not be completely extinguishing this idea out because, yes now that all the Marketing has gone digital, the world needs Digital Marketers more than anything. But it strictly depends on your skill and performance. Needless to say if you create a Marketing campaign that breaks the internet your salary account will sky rocket. But assuming that you’ll be the next millionaire after merely completing a Digital Marketing course is naïve.

  • It’s about understanding human behavior

Studies have indicated psychological and mental interests resound more with shoppers than functional branding. Salespeople have long understood the power of emotional appeals. Digital Marketing is a regular study of Human psychology and using it to place and promote your product. And don’t read us wrong here marketing is not just completing a course in psychology either; the study of psychology should be done strictly in the context of marketing.

  • You need to create your own tools to work faster

Data is the new synonym for marketing, yes! You read that right, in a world that is producing tons of digital data every day, it is imperative that you as an aspiring Digital Marketer understand data/report-making and documentation, it is this very data that will a pattern that will sky rocket the sales. Right from Email-Marketing to sophisticated analytical tools, documentation and analytics take up almost 50% time of an average digital marketer. It is important because it helps you make better marketing decisions every day. What is also important is to know how to automate these tasks.

  • Crappy Content just for the sake of it not king. Its crap

Every piece of content in the end is a story you tell your reader, that technically makes every blogger/tech-blogger journalist a storyteller. Before starting a blog it is highly recommended that make you familiar with narrative formats and basic grammar. Once you are aware of the basics, only then is the time for you to use high level weapons like SEO. Blogs should be carefully structured to achieve traffic and inbound success; you’ll be ruining your digital rapport if you resort to “gap-fill-blogging” also known as just churning out content to fill your website.

  • So called Digital Marketing Institutes are going to eat your money. 

There is a farm of online and offline digital marketing institutes that encapsulate and sell themselves as agents that can make you learn Digital Marketing in days. We conducted a short recruitment survey where we invited over 200 students to interview for a Digital Marketing vacancy, the applicant pool was a mixture of students who were studying in a Digital Marketing institute or a had done courses with the same. Only 8% of the total pool could clear the basic written test and only 2% were employable.

  • You need to an avid reader, a great networker and add to that have a creative bent of mind with some discipline to work in this profession.


Even if the earth as we know it turns to a wasteland of highly efficient Robots, there still won’t be any alternative to the power of reading, marketing is one of those professions that require a regular updating of sense of humor, thinking capacity and much more. The mind needs more memories to make new ideas. Reading is the fuel your digital marketing career runs on.  


No one will ever buy from you if they don’t know you; networking is the first step toward building your relations with the client. Everything from rag-picking to running for the Presidential elections needs Networking – Barack Obama. If you aspire to be a digital marketer, try and talk to 100 people about a product and get them to subscribe to it.

Creative Bent

Creativity is the Agency’s currency; this is where marketing is different and potentially more difficult than other professions. To b––ecome a marketer you need to fathom the concepts of humor, creativity. Digital Marketing constantly requires you to bring on the table out of the box ideas, Ideas that sell and register in the viewer’s mind.

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