Facebook’s Reprioritizing algorithm creates new challenges for Digital Marketers

Is Facebook’s reprioritizing algorithm a challenge for digital marketers?

Facebook has changed its algorithm again; the algorithm basically governs what you see on your news feed and what you don’t. Needless to say, this algorithm flux has a lot of impact on how social media marketers plan their future marketing strategies for high stake brands.

Zuckerberg cites that our services shouldn’t be just fun to use but should also be responsible for people’s wellbeing. In simpler terms, this means that you’re more likely to see the picture of your uncle’s dog than an article from BuzzFeed.

The entire force behind the algorithm change is to ensure that people come across more meaningful interactions on Facebook. While Zuckerberg is strictly against social media addiction and supporting this cause he wanted to make sure that people spend less time but time well spent on Facebook.

The bottom line is that pages that create content that entice no real conversation between friends and family will see a substantial decrease while posts that engage friends and family will be encouraged algorithmically.

This must be a tempting engagement bait opportunity for business pages, but Zuckerberg assured that the algorithm will be smart enough to not feature posts of the type “Tag that friend who loves an ice cream”. While campaigns like #MeToo will be supported by the algorithm.

Ad budgets are increasing with a functional decrease in the organic reach, with the Facebook reprioritizing algorithm in place it is indispensable for social media marketers to choose the right audience and give the post an optimum boost.

Videos will be still the preferred mode of content even with the new algorithm, something that will see a 6 times more reachability are the live videos as according to data live videos see a higher meaningful engagement rate.

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