The Untapped Market of Social Sector and the Fortune it Holds for Future Entrepreneurs

Market penetration is the key behind the success of any Business Model or Product, Seeing it from the domestic point of view, we as future entrepreneurs can safely say that we are lucky to be in a country that has a majority population of Rural.

There is a Middle aged man who started his project in Pune and goes by the name of “Poop Guy” the only business model he had was to build toilets in the rural/Poor Urban areas of the country.

Now an area where open defecation is a sort of tradition, bending people to use toilets and charge them looks like an impossible task.

But here is how the Poop Guy did it and exactly how you should.

The locals of Pune, India, call Swapnil Chaturvedi the Poop Guy. In 2011, he founded Samagra Sanitation, a company based in Pune that provides sanitation services to the urban poor. The company increases ventilation, availability and overall cleanliness of the existing communal toilets and encourages locals to improve their hygiene routines. It currently services three slums in Pune and provides cleaner toilets to more than 3,300 individuals on a daily basis.

The only Building Block for my Business Model was Trust – The Poop Guy

Chaturvedi explains his motivation for creating better sanitary conditions in India; “There is only one reason: for a woman’s dignity. It goes back to me being a father of a girl child…when I look at my daughter and I think about her future, this is the kind of service I would like her to have.”

More and more market is opening for the consumers who occupy just a slime percentage of the total population, we as entrepreneurs assume the poor/Rural/Urban Rural to be a bad target audience, while the only thing we lack while trying to penetrate these areas is “Trust”.

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