Life in a Digital Agency – Project Manager

This is the third post of our series “Life in a Digital Agency”. The previous two in the series covered the role of a content marketer and a graphic designer respectively.

Like most things in life, being a Project Manager has its upsides and downsides.

The upside is that you get the opportunity to get entire websites and mobile applications (several if you work for an agency like Dignitas) made your way (assuming that you’re able to sell this to the client!). That’s an exhilarating feeling if it goes well.

The downside is that the client thinks of you as the developer, and the developers think of you as the client. The two parties are rarely pleased with each other, and you will bear the displeasure from both sides!

Another thing about a project manager- there is no typical ‘Day at the Office’, as requirements and situations change every day. However, here is the schedule I try and follow on most days:

9.30 am -10 am: At this time, I try to revisit the tasks of the previous day and prepare the agenda for the day. During the standup meeting, I let my team members know what I would require of them, and warn them of certain tasks that would emerge during the day.

10-11 am: I initiate the various days’ plan, making sure that all requirements have been clearly explained. I try to schedule most client meetings during this time so that we get the rest of the day to work on the various issues.

(It is during this time that I visit the content marketer, Fateh, to tell him that he doesn’t look like he took a bath in the morning!)

11- 12 am: This time is mostly spent clarifying doubts from the team members, and working on the various support tasks that fall on a project manager (this ranges from QA to design references to documentation and further planning).

12 – 1 pm: I begin making changes to the days plan based on the progress so far. Other tasks for this time- meetings with client & other team members and sending emails for approvals and feedback.

1-2 pm: Lunch Time! Lots of verbal sparring, discussions and leg pulling, especially aimed at Fateh!

2-3 pm: I use this time to liaison between the creative and technical team while checking blogs/forums to stay updated. I also check out the progress of projects not being actively worked on.

3-4 pm: I begin making presentations for clients for daily reporting and complete work on my support tasks. This is also the time I try to identify any fires on the horizon, and if I see them coming, I put on my fireman uniform.

(Here is what Fateh thinks I look like)

Project Manager or Fire Fighter?

4-5 pm: I begin checking releases from tech team and comparing them with client requirement. This is a heart-stopping hour as there are inevitable deviations!

(I also call Fateh, the content marketer when he is wearing headphones to give people the impression that he is listening to music and not working)

5-6 pm: After letting various clients know about the result of the days work, I begin working on tomorrow schedule.

6 pm: On good days, I leave by this time. On bad days, this can mean taking client calls, providing support and ensuring that important tasks are completed by team-members disgruntled to be working after office!

(Check Fateh’s mood. Good-> Try Sarcasm. Bad -> Give him some gyan why he should focus more on work.)

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