Baby steps behind Python Development

The streets were rinsed in Christmas lights and people flocked to the market enjoying the Christmas spirit and a recent post graduate of Mathematics and Computers from the university of Amsterdam was flipping through the channels of his newly bought television set. Thankfully he stumbled upon this surreal group of comedians that were performing a sketch on the B.B.C. channel, the sketch was called the dead parrot and the name of the performing group was the “Monty Python”.

It was an hour long presentation and needless to say this young computer person was rolling on the floor with laughter, just as he came back to senses he found himself blessed with the idea that could kill his boredom. The idea was the inception of the Python language and that computer person was Guido Van Rossum also known as the father of the Python computer language.

Van Rossum became so much influenced with the Monty Python show that he decided to name this project as Python; technically he was planning to build something that will be a descendant of ABC and would be liked by the UNIX/C hackers.

Today that modest project just developed to kill a coder’s boredom has found its application in on of the most used applications, here is what we would have missed if Python wasn’t incepted on that Christmas night.

  • Google: It takes a lot of power to be able to handle the most popular search engine in the entire world. That is why Google uses Python for its mainframe foundation, as well as in addition to various apps that it runs in conjunction with the main site. The ease that Google provides for finding certain information would be impossible without Python at the core.
  • YouTube: YouTube has now officially won the race against television viewership and remains one of the most used Python based applications worldwide.
  • Instagram: If you love showing the world what you’re up to through classy snaps and stories, Instagram is your mecca, this powerful application lets you browse through profiles, upload pictures and dozen other things making it one of the most addictive social media platforms.
  • DropBox: What started as a powerful app, DropBox is now used by a variety of individuals, businesses, companies, organizations and more. The application lets you save data based on cloud services, you can later access these files from anywhere around the world.

Needless to say, our lives are unimaginable without these applications, which is exactly Python remains one of the most used programming languages around the globe.


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