Building Client Agency Relationships using Adaptive Survey Calling


The following research was conducted and concluded at the office of Dignitas Digital Pvt Ltd. and was carried out from the 10th Feb to 10th March, The research included participants to conduct a client survey calls and observe the process of Client Agency relationship. The research was an adaptive kind where we had adopted a rigorous A/B testing mode where call scripts and subjects were routinely updated and exercised.

The subjects here were the Target businesses were majorly mid-level and small scale businesses who have just jumped on to the process of Digital Marketing to promote and publish their business.

The spectrum of businesses included everyone from the private institutes, Upcoming cafes, and lounges, Real estate businesses, and Interior designers.

The research included calling these businesses and asking them about their experience and how their business has benefited with the incorporation of Digital Marketing. We had prepared a certain set of questions, designed to know the nature and progress of their business so far and also how digital marketing has aided them.


The questions were as follows:

1)    What is the nature of your business?

2)    Do you use any Digital Marketing techniques for your business?

3)    If yes could you walk us through them and also what has been your ROI?

Client Psychology and Discussions

With rigorous A/B testing the team came up adaptive cold call scripts that could make the entire process of the cold calling optimized and efficient.

We had explored various areas of the client psychology and through these experimental scripts, below mentioned are the strategies were employed as the research progressed.

1)  Completely conducting the call process in the scope of the business, this included just asking questions bluntly without making any effort to establish comfort between the speaker and the client.

2)  Completely surrendering business styles, and focusing completely on building trust with the client by establishing a common ground.

3)  Starting the conversation on an informal mode that would establish comfort and initial trust, a story that will establish that the caller has been impacted by the client’s business which established concern and interest and how the client’s digital space can or have generated interest in the caller’s pool of friends and family. We call this technique User to Business technique.

4)  We had maintained a strict policy of binding ourselves with the basic rules of the business conversations.

Best Survey Call:

The following conversation with the client is the best result we achieved; the client is a Café owner a rather famous one and has just recently explored the horizon of marketing through digital space.

Caller: Hi, my name is XYZ I am recently happened to visit your café, I loved every bit of my experience the food the interiors and the crowd especially the services were not hostile they were warm and made me feel very comfortable.

Client: (Overwhelmed) Thank you for sharing your feedback with us it means a lot.

Caller: One of my friends was looking for good places and cafes to chill out in Delhi and I had strongly recommended your Café, he happened to visit your Facebook Page, and if you allow I’d like to mention that he was far too unimpressed.

Now he actually, called me and explained that the kind of reviews you I had given him did not match with what he found on the Digital Space so I personally visited your page only to realize the content that you upload is firstly not regular secondly the content does not live up to the reputation.

Now because most of the target audience that customers that come to your café are on social media, it becomes imperative for you to have a space that markets your business. Because, in the end you don’t want to lose customers just because you did not tap the Digital Market.

Client: Actually, I was thinking the same and I would like to actually thank you for sharing this information and I do realize the importance of Media space.

*The conversation reached a stage where the caller had established her knowledge and command of Digital Marketing*

Client: Actually can you please help me out with the process of it? And now that you have such an in-depth knowledge of the field could you please give me a better deeper insight into the process?

Caller:  *The caller gave details about the agency and how the agency she is working for can help the client out*


Carefully analyzing the transcripts, we could infer the following.

1)  The business/Client no matter what runs and extends on trust and reputation Once established it can turn into a beneficial phase both for the Client and the agency.

2)  Being strictly official in the tone and conversation does not necessarily help the case, also cases were observed where this particular spectrum of clients was interested and penetrated when spoken informally.

3)  The cold call should be a combination of Informal and Business term and tone so that it establishes the caller’s concern for the business and opens the possibility of the trust and business.

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