How to create a Full-Screen player in Articulate

Just completed creating your story in Articulate? Not happy with the looks of it? Well, we got you covered! We are going to tell you how to make your story more appealing. When you are creating a Story in Articulate, you’re provided with the default player. The player comes with all the unnecessary things that you don’t need. To go full screen with your story, you’ll need to create a custom player.

And we’ll tell how to build a custom player so you too can upgrade your stories. Now to get things started, switch to Story View by selecting the option from below the Ribbon

Screenshot (79)

Once your story matches the above screen, you need to select Publish > Player. Which would then open a popup looking something like this.

Screenshot (82)

Now, all you gotta do is follow the steps described below and you will have shiny new full-screen player in Articulate.

  • From Player Tabs, click on Resources under Topbar Right and Menu under Sidebar to make sure that they are unchecked.
  • Now, click on Title under Features to uncheck it and click on Volume & Captions under Controls so that they are unchecked as well.

If you have gotten this far, then you’re halfway there. And if you did everything right, your screen would look something like this

Screenshot (83)

So, it wasn’t so hard right? Let’s move on to the next steps. Now our next steps to achieve a clean look would be to remove those borders and the buttons below the actual slide. To do so, select Colors & Effects from the Custom tab

Screenshot (84)

Click on Show advanced color editing to reveal more option related to customizing your player.

Screenshot (85)

Now, from the Edit item Drop Down, select Base > > Main Background and give it white color and repeat the same for each item under the Base Property (Make sure you change both Top color and Bottom color to white). And once you are done with every item, you would see something like this

Screenshot (87)

Now you can just go ahead and save this player as your custom player by just selecting Current Player > Save as and giving a name to your player. And for the final step, we just have to remove the buttons below the slide. To do so, switch back to Story view, select all the slides and untick Next and Previous buttons from the sidebar like this

Screenshot (88)

And that’s it! You now have a full-screen player for your articulate stories. You can also change the resolution of the story to make the viewing experience much more pleasant. And if you liked this tutorial and want to learn more about articulate, follow us and subscribe to our newsletter.

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