Why Am I Not Getting Placed?

Source: 123RF

Source: 123RF

Is this question plaguing you ever since the placement season started? Despite putting in the best of efforts you somehow do not make the cut whereas a lot of your friends are placed and do not have to go through this phase.

The problem is not you, but the extremely outdated curriculum you are made to follow by untrained professionals. The academia needs to catch up with the companies as the rate of change of technology is extremely high and fast forcing the students to miss the bus.

With companies moving towards automation hiring for graduates will become more challenging. The mass recruiters are already going through a paradigm shift in their methodologies are being scrutinized forcing the barrier to entry to get higher.

In such cases you need a fast paced program to help you bridge the gap between your college and the company. You never know you might end up  creating you own company after this program (true story!). For more information do check us at DDSTEP.IN

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