MyQ a Mecca for Techies

Why should you download MyQ?

MyQ is an umbrella application for Tech-geeks/Technology Enthusiasts and people who want to grow in the Technology industry. It is embedded with Market level technology questions from every possible Technology domain like Java, Android and Python etc. By using MyQ you not only update your knowledge bank but also become familiar with the Industry standard of technology. It takes away the need for you to g through time consuming tutorials to prepare for your tech interview.

The User friendly concept

You must be wondering how we packed this plethora of knowledge in just one lightweight application.

Every question that appears on your screen only has two options a Yes and a No, all you need is swipe, yes we know what you’re thinking MyQ is the Tinder of Tech. The ease of use and the amount of knowledge there is will make this app the Mecca of Techies.

The Road to MyQ

We have been observing a pattern in the Tech-Education tutorials and Tech-Related blogs, an update on your favorite technology makes a red carpet entry and the internet blasts with blogs and days into the release some established techies with an internet rapport releases an online tutorial on the same.

Soon enough the technology update is absorbed by organizations and in a blink of the eye these organizations start to release products based on it.

So what is the problem with this vicious pattern?

Well, deep diving into the interview procedures followed by these organizations, we found that the questions that are posed in front of the applicants(you) are practical scenarios which can be only answered once you have a hands on experience in the latest technology, which isn’t possible all the time.

To add to the misery of the applicants the material available online only caters to the theoretical walk through of technology thus leaving a huge gap between the expected and the acquired tech knowledge.

MyQ bridges that very gap by exposing you to the questions that are congruent with Interviews.

Is it only for the people who are looking for jobs?

No, this app caters to Techies who are looking to upgrade their knowledge as well, the questions designed are as such that it tests your existing tech knowledge and challenges your skill set.

To complete a module in the domain of your choosing can really boost your confidence and knowledge giving you the tech edge not many people around you have.

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