DD-Step: Your steps from an Amateur to the Industry Standard

Worldwide educational institutions are out of sync with employer needs.

Capgemini CEO issued a statement that 65% of the IT workforce is not trainable.

Again our research validates this completely. Most of our clients are investing heavily in new corporate universities, onboarding programs, and what we call “continuous learning” programs. In fact, the L&D industry is in the middle of a renaissance, as companies try to reinvent all types of training around new internet technologies.

Automation is looking right into our job security

Not only is it difficult to predict what careers will exist in the future, but it is also equally uncertain which technology-based skills will be viable 5 or 10 years from now – Ex Google CEO

We don’t need to emphasize on the fact that how wildly automation has changed the job landscape as we know it. Established organizations and Startups that together make an ecosystem of recruitment expect their fresh recruits to be dynamic in technology and adaptive in skill.

Do you think your current academia will help you survive this automation tsunami of Singularity?

Case study

We at Dignitas conducted a recruitment survey, where we invited 5000 applicants to compete for vacancies varying from Digital Marketing, Business Development, and Software Development. During the course of the drive, we closely observed each applicant and their procedure to crack multiple tasks and rounds.

A jaw-dropping result revealed itself, of the 5000 applicants only 8% of participants could clear the first round (basic aptitude) and only 1% of them were recruit-able.

The only inference we could draw from this survey was that these students were miles away from the expectation.

When deep-dived into investigating the reasons for the same, we deduced that the syllabus these applicants religiously adhere to in their colleges preaches and literally repels them from what the industry expects them to be.

This is where the idea of DD step was born

DD step commits to bridging the gap between academia and market by exposing these students to industry-standard skills like Digital Marketing, Technology (From basic HTML to IoT), Project Management, and Business Understanding.

So who’ll be mentoring this noble venture?

The mentors are Ivy League graduates who have extensive experience of all the skills mentioned above, they have already mentored 40 students who went on to work for prestigious organizations like Facebook and Google.

We understand that you have a lot of questions regarding this venture, we would request you to go through the FAQ section.


It is high time the applicants looking to make their mark in the industry stop depending on college education and grab opportunities that develop them personally and professionally.

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