Psychological Experiment that will Increase Your Sales

“Hi would you like to sit with us for a meeting tomorrow, we’d like to tell you how Digital Marketing can help you”

Whoaa that’s direct. How many prospects do you have a meeting with through this direct technique? probably one in a hundred.

If you want to increase them you’ll have to warm them up first, well, that’s not it we are about to share with you two psychologically proven techniques that will help you increase that number by many folds.

The Foot in the Door Technique

A Harvard University professor conducted a research that can prove to be ground breaking for the sales guys who depend vastly on cold calling and cold emailing.

We’ll go ahead and explain the summary of this ground breaking research, a diverse sample set of people from all walks of life were asked a set of questions. The order in which the questions were asked is to be focused upon here.

The sample set was first asked a general question on the kind of clothes and colors they would wear through the work week. About 90% people elaborately answered the question and were happy to share their opinions.

The next question asked them to download a certain mobile application that would suggest them what they would wear through the week.

The inference drawn from this sales experiment was simple: Priming the prospect with a smaller question makes them more likely to say “yes”.

Following the small question with the bigger more important one is likely to get you a “yes” than a “No reply” or a “No thank you”

Take away for the sales people

Could I get your thoughts on some XYZ trend (Eg. ask them GST)

What do you think about Social Media Helping Businesses Grow?

Probably after you have got your foot in the door you can ask for a meeting, now psychologically you have made a place on your prospect’s calendar you just have to state it and you’re good.

Purpose and Time specificity

Be the sales guy who is always in a Rush.

Excuse me can I use your Xerox machine I need to urgently copy these 5 documents?

Hi can I use your Xerox machine?

Needless to say the first question would instantly perform better than the second

Take away for the sales people:

Do you have 15 minutes tomorrow so that we can discuss about helping your business through Digital Marketing?

With these two psychological loops up your sleeves you can land more prospect meetings than ever.

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